Slate Roofing Sydney Design Options

In this post we will be looking at the design of the website and discuss how this particular design is helping the client to secure more business in the slate roofing niche. Competition overview It is important to note that the roofing industry and particularity the slate roofing industry is a very lucrative and hence competitive market place. It was important to use as many images and confidence building assurances as possible into the campaign to assure the best

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Common Slate Roofing Installation Mistakes

I love slate roofs but it is one thing that people can screwup on. Slate roof installation or renovation isn’t your average DIY job. You need to have the right skills, knowledge and tools to do it properly, in order to make sure the roof is going to be durable and waterproof. Here are the …

Slate Roofing ֠Advantages Of Slate Roofs

Slate Roofing – Advantages Of Slate Roofs A big thanks to Gerard and the team at Slate roofing Sydney for the article. Many homeowners become confused when it comes to selecting the right roofing material for their homes. Slate is a material that is often overlooked because most homeowners aren’t aware of the value and… Read More

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Roof Restoration Newcastle

Just a quick recap on my last (and first/introductory) post; I had bought this yew bewt investment property with some faults that I was totally confident in being able to repair and renovate myself, saving heaps of bucks and in the end once rented out this place would give a decent return. Not so. First …

What You Learn When You Renovate

In case you didn’t read about it on my About Me page, three years ago I decided to purchase an investment property. And what a great decision that was!!! That was sarcasm. I found this place that was very run down and thus going for a bargain. So cheap. I couldn’t lose on this one, …

Renovating and Locksmiths in North Brisbane

One can be excused for assuming that the order of my blog posts correlate to the chronological order of events associated with renovating (not sure I am qualified to use that word) my yew-bewt-make-me-a-fortune investment property. Because a normal person would do that. I’m actually blogging (not sure I’m qualified for use of that word …

Roof Restorations in Geelong

This blog post is not really related to my renovations and my super duper investment property. But it sort of is. This article is about the guys from Roof Restoration Geelong and how to provide a proper professional service. Firstly, yes, another plug for a local business (maybe I should have my site themed around …

Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies of Roof Restoration Newcastle

Local business have a unique challenge when it comes to marketing design and strategy. They bear challenges that large business and brands do not need to worry about. These challenges include brand awareness, competition, and market share. Local business Roof Restoration Newcastle is no exception. Offering services such as roof replacements, roof restorations, roof cleaning, roof painting, new roofs and re-roofs, the business is important and necessary for most home and building owners. However, the challenges faced by the organisation

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A Third Party Autoresponder Review

  In this post I take a look at a website designed to give information on email autoresponders and their features and comparisons between major vendors on the market today. Our story begins with the realisation that there is a lack of websites that provide an autoresponder review and identifying a need for one due to the popularity of the autoresoponder software. Email autoresponders should be a part of any business’s marketing design as email marketing has proven to be

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Locksmith North Brisbane ֠Specialised Services Business

In this post, I am going to discuss the design strategy behind service based business, Locksmith North Brisbane. I chose this business for discussion because the market for this business is slightly different than the ones already discussed. Locksmith North Brisbane provides locksmith related services to the upper North Brisbane area, including suburbs such as Chermside and many surrounding suburbs. As well as access management solutions, the organisation also provides the following services; key cutting emergency locksmith automotive locksmith commercial

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Money & Mortgages ֠Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour

Money is important and right or wrong it is the motivator for most people in modern society today, be it through necessity or for want of better things. The team at Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour have worked hard to build their honest and reliable business by providing a highly rated customer service and delivering solutions that meets their clients’ needs. Being a property owner is a thing that lots of people desire, after all it is the traditional Aussie dream.

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Mortgage Broker Central Coast

First things first – it’s very difficult to carry out home improvements if you do not have a home and there’s no easier way in getting that home than by using the services from the guys at Mortgage Broker Central Coast. You may have been holding off or waiting until you have enough cash in… Read More

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Locksmith North Brisbane

Okay, so not so much of a home improvement tip but more of a “you need the guys at Locksmith North Brisbane tip” because if you lock yourself out of your home or car, then calling these guys will save you so much time and get you out of a pinch. There is nothing worse… Read More

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Roof Restoration Brisbane and Local Business Strategies

Welcome to this post about Roof Restoration Brisbane and where I attempt to discuss a local business who is using the internet to the fullest (well, almost). It’s hard for local businesses these days, well it’s always been hard, but I think it’s even harder now. Let’s take this roofing business and it’s leader, Justin, as an example. On his own, Justin is responsible for many different types of roles. And then at some point he needs to get the

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Roofing Talk by Roof Restoration Newcastle

Roofing Talk by Roof Restoration Newcastle Thanks to Dave from Roof Restoration Newcastle for some of the material in this post. It’s truly amazing how much we neglect our roofs, and especially in the Newcastle region where most buildings are getting on in age along with their roofs. A roof is a critical component to… Read More

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Roof Restoration Geelong ֠How Awesome Are These Guys!

Roof Restoration Geelong – How Awesome Are These Guys! Okay, back to the roofing guys (I told you in the about page we work with a lot of roofers) and I’ll try to make the next post a little bit different – but I’ve got to give the boys from Roof Restoration Geelong a shout… Read More

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Everyone Needs Plumber Central Coast

Everyone Needs Plumber Central Coast Keeping with our theme on invaluable local services, everyone needs a local plumber to rely on and John from Plumber Central Coast is your man. Based in Erina on New South Wale’s Central Coast, John is a licensed and qualified and experienced plumber servicing the entire Central Coast region, including… Read More

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More Roofing Talk ֠Roof Restoration Brisbane

More Roofing Talk – Roof Restoration Brisbane Hey there. Previously we have spoken with Dave about roofing matters and in this article we’re going to continue on with some roof talk with input from Justin from Roof Restoration Brisbane. In chatting with Justin, he starts off by saying “that most people simply don’t think about… Read More

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Plumbing Repairs ֠How to get prepared

A big shout out to the guys down at Plumbers Geelong for the information in this article. One of the most potential damaging situations that you can face in your home is having a plumbing emergency as water damage happens extremely fast and can have a huge impact especially if you have carpet or you… Read More

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Property Investment In Newcastle ֠Mistakes To Avoid

If you are brave enough to have a go at investing in property on your own, here are some tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Property investment in Newcastle is hot right now and delivering some of the best returns in the state. Particularly popular are positive geared properties and if you’re unsure, check …

The Anatomy Of A Smoke Detector

Everyone is aware in these modern times how necessary it is to have a smoke detector installed in your house. It is actually law in Australia, and smoke detectors are required to be fitted to all new homes. And there should be more than 1 smoke detector fitted per living area and bedroom areas. Before… Read More

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Things to do prior to Installing solar roof panels

If you are intending to setup solar roof panels there is a multitude of things that you need to consider. Do you get enough Sun? This is the simplest and yet most often overlooked question. You need to fully assess whether your homes roof gets enough sun so that you know your purchase of solar …

Preparing for your Plumber

The good thing about getting plumbing work done is that there is a fair amount that you can do to get organised and potentially reduce the workload required of your plumber. This of course is not always the case if it is an emergency but even then, there are some things that you can do …

Slate Roofing ֠Is It Worth It?

A slate roof is one of the most prestigious roofs as far as roofs go. There are many benefits from a slate roof, however there are drawbacks as well with one major disadvantage that is stand out by far the worst – cost. Slate roofing can be very expensive and is one of the most expensive types of roof material available. Because of this, it’s worth assessing all types of roofing materials to determine the best type for you and

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Understanding How A Smoke Detector Works

Having a smoke detector in your home is critical for ensuring that if a fire does occur that you will be alerted of it as soon as possible. Those that have a working detector are significantly less likely to be injured or killed in a fire when compared to those that do not. Making sure that your smoke detector is working properly on a regular basis should be a priority as it will possibly save your life if the unexpected

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